Can the US Break Free of Middle East Oil?
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Can the US Break Free of Middle East Oil?

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John C. McDaniel
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It's Your Fault the U.S. is Addicted to Middle East OilIt's your fault the U.S. is addicted to Middle East oil. Yes, you, Joe Average American. If you are an average American you get 21 miles per gallon in your vehicle, live further and further from where you work in a sprawling suburbia, and drive more with each passing year. You hold the key to freeing the U.S. from Middle East oil with some simple steps that you refuse to take. You can help the U.S. free itself from Middle East oil by moving closer to town, driving less, and getting a more fuel efficient vehicle. Two out of every three barrels of oil consumed in this country are used for transportation. Fifteen percent of all the oil consumed in the U.S. comes from the Persian Gulf region. It would be relatively easy to decrease the amount of oil consumed for transportation to a level that would negate the need for Persian Gulf oil, but the Americans continue to choose a lifestyle that supports increasing gasoline consumption.More and more people are choosing suburban life over urban life. It started in the 1950's with the explosion of the car culture and massive infrastructure development in the form of roads and interstates. This allowed people to move away from where they worked. Families could get a bigger house with a little bit of land and drive to work. The post-World War II environment gave people the means to afford vehicles and the interstate system gave them a way to commute. Suburbia was born. Since the birth of suburbia, it has flourished. People consume more land today than they did just 30 years ago. All told, per person developed acreage has increased by .05 acres since 1982. Not my fault, you say? It's the developers' fault. Wrong. Developers build it because you demand it.In fact, you are willing to pay top dollar to live away from the city.

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