Dynamic Re-Tasking: The JFACC and the Airborne Strike Package
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Dynamic Re-Tasking: The JFACC and the Airborne Strike Package

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Jeffrey M. Saling
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The explosion of information technology has enabled real-time intelligence to become an invaluable tool to the Joint Force Air Component Commander (JFACC). This capability has led to an increased drive to allow the JFACC tighter control over airborne assets, adding flexibility to the JFACC's response options, but, in effect, "centralizing" execution. What is the implication of this centralization on the decision making process involving airborne missions? What is the appropriate level of control for the processing of real time intelligence in future air operations? Does the responsibility lie within the Joint Air Operations Center (JAOC)? The primary purpose of this paper is not to answer these questions, rather it is to pose them and other issues as items to consider for operations and identify areas for future research. In doing so it examines the JAOC structure, the relationship of information to the Master Air Attack Plan and methods of distributing that information to the warfighter through the Air Tasking Order and alternately through Dynamic Re-tasking. It briefly discusses the cognitive decision making process, examines real time intelligence integration, and the possible results of exploitation of that process. Finally, the paper concludes with a discussion of Dynamic Re-tasking and a discourse on Centralized vs. Decentralized Execution.

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