On the Job Education: An Alternative for Special Operations Forces Officers
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On the Job Education: An Alternative for Special Operations Forces Officers

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Michael K. Meumann
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In today's dynamic environment, special operations forces (SOF) officers continue to provide a unique capability to execute complex missions. SOF officers deploy to areas where they must understand the culture, communicate effectively in a foreign language, and develop relationships with interagency organizations. SOF officers must have other avenues besides training and combat to learn these areas. The operational tempo for SOF officers is high and their total number in the military relatively low compared to conventional officers. Conventional officers have educational institutions at the major level that prepare them to understand today's operational environment, but SOF officers have few options. Creating an education program for SOF officers centered on the three aspects of cultural awareness, foreign language competence, and interagency relationships will capitalize on SOF's uniqueness. In addition, the education program will meet the major level education requirement in the most effective means. This paper seeks to answer the question of creating an education program for SOF officers by combining elements already in use by the military. The research looks to fill the learning gap for SOF officers by finding courses and programs to enable them to maximize personal and professional growth.

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