India's Approaching Expeditionary Armed Forces
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India's Approaching Expeditionary Armed Forces

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Christopher R. Liermann
246x189x3 mm

The country of India continues to straddle the crossroads of East and West, much as it has done throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. As the world's fastest growing population with an enormous capitalist appetite, India finds itself again on the world stage to be strategic partners with a global power such the United States in one instance, and yet, a global competitor interested in agreements with dubious cohorts such as Russia and China. Because of its increasing interests abroad, India must look internally and ask itself if an expeditionary capable force is in its national interests. This study aims to ascertain India's position and future stance within Asia and the world, and its goals as a state by analyzing India's military capabilities and intentions on how they will shape their future military capabilities. As a burgeoning strategic partner with the United States, if India is increasingly a stabilizing power within southern Asia, and is beginning to shift to an expeditionary approach to warfare / conflict resolution, then there are key components and subsequent metrics of Joint Operations that the Indian Armed Forces must execute in order to transform their force to one that meets the criteria of being expeditionary. This study first analyzes India's official stated foreign policy and security strategy objectives and documents. It then address how India's military is building, adapting, and transforming itself to meet its stated national security strategy and foreign policy objectives. Specifically, it uses, as metrics, three of the six Joint functions defined in the United States Department of Defense (DOD) Joint Publication (JP) 3-0, Joint Operations: Command and Control, Movement and Maneuver, and Sustainment. Major findings. India possesses a Joint, expeditionary capability, but only in a limited fashion. India will continue on the glide path of increasing their expeditionary capability, but must overcome some significant obstacles in order

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