Are Issues Keeping the Air National Guard from Being Effective?
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Are Issues Keeping the Air National Guard from Being Effective?

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Monica M. Cory
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After being a member of the Air National Guard for almost twenty years, this is an issue that has been brought up over and over again. Every time we have a crisis, every time the National Guard is needed, the controversy starts again. Is the Air National Guard effective? When can Air National Guard members be used? Why can we not just use the Active Duty? This paper will attempt to answer those questions and more. I will focus primarily on their response to natural disasters, since this is when these issues come up most often. I feel that one of the biggest issues is lack of knowledge of the part of Commanders, Governors (or their staff), and others involved in the process of activating or mobilizing Air National Guard members. Another big issue is miscommunication, not only while the disaster is happening but afterwards as well. What I mean by this is that the Guard will get bad press, things will get reported that are not true, or the story will get reported without all the information.

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