The Expeditionary Aerospace Force and Air Force Reserve Training
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The Expeditionary Aerospace Force and Air Force Reserve Training

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Michael J. Holien
246x189x6 mm

Although the Air Reserve Component (Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve), in its entirety, is critically important to the success of the Expeditionary Aerospace Force (EAF) construct, this research project only addresses training issues unique to the Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC). In so doing, this document analyzes and presents the training challenges facing the Air Force Reserve as it attempts to fulfill and meet its expected role under the EAF concept. It proposes solutions that will be useful to AFRC leadership and its force planning staffs in determining how best to educate and train the reservist. Finally, a tertiary purpose of this project is to present an evaluation of the research performed, and where pertinent, to call attention to those findings which provide advances in the current state of AFRC education and training. To conduct a meaningful evaluation of the subject matter, qualitative research was conducted to gain information on AFRC expeditionary operations to date. This document is an assessment based on the researcher's own data analysis because, to date, AFRC has not systematically monitored EAF training results. Furthermore, the lack of specific measurable goals in some education and training areas could hamper future assessment efforts.

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