How Many Feathers for the War Bonnet? A Groundwork for Distributing the Planning Function in Objective Force Units of Employment
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How Many Feathers for the War Bonnet? A Groundwork for Distributing the Planning Function in Objective Force Units of Employment

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Scott M. Weaver
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Planning is the crystallizing of the Will to act. In its minor functioning, planning results in decisions. In its major functioning, planning results in a set of decisions that constitute a plan. As a function, planning is an ordering of decisions. In the Objective Force, planning will support mission command: operations conducted "through decentralized execution based on mission orders...." The planning function is not identical with the planning process, a term that organizations commonly use when referring to their formal problem-solving methods for performing the planning function. Several procedures are possible. The US Army is only starting to analyze the best way to echelon functional competencies within the Objective Force. Its formations will work almost exclusively within a Joint Operations framework. In coalitions, alliances, and partnerships the joint-by-design Objective Force will "fulfill a variety of strategic, operational and tactical purposes." The distribution of the planning function for the Unit of Employment headquarters must normally support functional planning in Concepts of Operation and detailed planning in Concepts of Support. As part of the body of work called for in the "Concept for the Objective Force," this monograph aims to establish the groundwork for experiment and determination of both the optimal distribution of the planning function between Objective Force echelons and for designing planning methods that generate adaptive dominance. The monograph gains insights from historical analysis and analyses the implications of desired Unit of Employment capabilities, other operational concepts, and descriptions of Objective Force command and control. From this follows organizational concepts for distributing the planning function between the Unit of Employment and its higher headquarters. The proposed organization integrates insights from the historical cases with anticipated technological capabilities in the Objective Force. The continuing

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