History as Theatrical Metaphor
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History as Theatrical Metaphor

History, Myth and National Identities in Modern Scottish Drama
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Ian Brown
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Leads the field in Scottish theatre studies with comprehensive and up to date coverage of a variety of plays
Introduction.- Chapter one. Playwrights and History.- Chapter two. History, Mythology and "Re-presentation" of events.- Chapter three. Language, Ideology and Identity.- Chapter four. The creation of a "missing" tradition.- Chapter five. Revealing hidden histories.- Chapter six. The re-visioning of history.- Chapter seven. Alternative visions.- Chapter eight. Re-constructing the deconstructed.- Chapter nine. Conclusion.
This revelatory study explores how Scottish history plays, especially since the 1930s, raise issues of ideology, national identity, historiography, mythology, gender and especially Scottish language. Covering topics up to the end of World War Two, the book addresses the work of many key figures from the last century of Scottish theatre, including Robert McLellan and his contemporaries, and also Hector MacMillan, Stewart Conn, John McGrath, Donald Campbell, Bill Bryden, Sue Glover, Liz Lochhead, Jo Clifford, Peter Arnott, David Greig, Rona Munro and others often neglected or misunderstood.
Setting these writers' achievements in the context of their Scottish and European predecessors, Ian Brown offers fresh insights into key aspects of Scottish theatre. As such, this represents the first study to offer an overarching view of historical representation on Scottish stages, exploring the nature of 'history' and 'myth' and relating these afresh to how dramatists use - and subvert - them.

Engaging and accessible, this innovative book will attract scholars and students interested in history, ideology, mythology, theatre politics and explorations of national and gender identity.

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