The Rise of Multinationals from Emerging Economies
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The Rise of Multinationals from Emerging Economies

Achieving a New Balance
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P. Konara
Academy of International Business (UKI) Series
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Introduction: The Rise of Multinationals from Emerging Economies: Achieving a New Balance PART I: KEYNOTES AND PANEL SESSIONS Part I: Keynotes and Panel Sessions 1. Keynotes 2. Implications for International Business of Separatist Movements: The Case of Scottish Independence 3. Geography and History Matter: A Record of the Panel Session on International Business and Economic Geography Perspectives on the Spatial and Historical Development of Multinational Enterprises PART II: RISE OF EMNES 4. Institutions and Investments by Emerging Economy Multinationals in Developed Economies: Solar PV Firms and the Role of Political Authorities in Germany 5. Neither Western not Indian: HRM Policy in an Indian Multinational 6. Against All Odds! A Strategic Analysis of the Failures of Three State-owned Firms PART III: DMNES PERFORMANCE/SURVIVAL IN EMERGING ECONOMIES 7. Subsidiary Survival of Multinational Enterprises in China: An Analysis of Nordic firms 8. Control Position Strategy, Cultural Distance, Conflict Resolution Strategies and Performance of International Joint Ventures 9. Determinants of Foreign Firms' Collective Action in Emerging Economies: Evidence from India PART IV: COMING IN AND GOING OUT: DYNAMIC INTERACTION BETWEEN FOREIGN AND LOCAL FIRMS 10. Human Capital and Conflict Management in the Entrepreneur-Venture Capitalist Relationship: The Entrepreneurs' Perspective 11. International Joint Ventures and Dynamic Co-learning between MNEs and Local Firms 12. Industry Factors Influencing International New Ventures' Internationalisation Processes 13. Do Foreign Ownership Modes Matter for FDI Spillovers?
The 41st Annual Conference of the Academy of International Business UK and Ireland Chapter was held at The University of York in April 2014. This book contains records of keynote speeches and special session on key topics, as well as selection of some of the best papers presented at the conference.

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