Public Accountability and Health Care Governance
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Public Accountability and Health Care Governance

Public Management Reforms Between Austerity and Democracy
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Paola Mattei
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Fills the critical empirical void created by the speed of European healthcarerestructuring
Chapter 1. German Healthcare in Transition: Global Pressures, Governance, and Public Wellbeing; Patricia Hogwood. - Chapter 2. Realigning Hospital Planning in Germany: Promoting or Curbing Market Competition?; Tanja Klenk. - Chapter 3. Marketization and Accountability: Lessons from the Reforming Norwegian Health Care System; Simon Neby. - Chapter 4. From Demi-Gods in White to Normal Employees: Re-evaluating Physicians' Employment and New Incentive Structures in German Hospitals; Maximiliane Wilkesmann. - Chapter 5. Accountability in Multilevel Health Care Services: The Case of Norway; Haldo Byrkjeflot, Tom Christensen, Per Laegreid. - Chapter 6. Organ Transplant Policies and Cultural Worldviews; Paola Mattei. - Chapter 7. From 'Major Decisions' to 'Everyday Quality': Direct Accountability to Hospital Clients in the Netherlands; Thomas Schillemans, Hester van de Bovenkamp, and Margo Trappenburg. - Chapter 8. Accountability and Shared Measurement in the Israeli Health Care System; Yehonatan Almog, Bruce Rosen, and Jack Habib.
This book deals with the critical empirical void created by the speed at which healthcare restructuring has taken place in Europe. Chapters explore the political uncertainty and budgetary pressures which have led governments increasingly to turn to New Public Management (NPM)-style reforms to attempt to balance the financial viability of public health structures, with democratic imperatives to maintain socially just outcomes. The authors of this volume consider how governments have therefore shifted identities from principal care providers to contractual monitors, setting targets increasingly directed toward third-party managers in quasi-markets and the private sector. Drawing upon extensive data from Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, and Israel, the contributions explore the often unexpected policy outputs and outcomes engendered by such reforms.

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