Youth and Theatre of the Oppressed
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Youth and Theatre of the Oppressed

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Peter Duffy
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216x140x16 mm

A collection of essential essays from some of the most influential and exciting practitioners of Theatre of the Oppressed with youth from around the world
An Interview with Augusto Boal: Youth and TO; P.Duffy Forum Theatre and Teens; M.Boland Acting Outside the Box: Using Theatre of the Oppressed in an Anti-Racism School's Program; W.Linds TIE in Da 'Hood : An Invisible Boal Disciple; G.Hardwick A Conversation Among the Contributors: What Have We Learned about TO, Youth and Ourselves through this Work? 'Seeing the Story': the Use of Analytical Image to Develop Children's Understanding of Characterization in Fictional Reading and Creative Writing; E.Vettraino Boal and Puppets; K.Naumer & A.Dishy Theater as Activism; Viewpoints on Youth Education in Israel/Palestine; C.Alon & S.A.Kuftinec Exploring the Stigmatized Child through Theatre of the Oppressed Techniques; J.Saldaña A Rainbow of Creative Drama; P.Duffy Themba Interactive Theatre; AIDS Awareness and Youth; K.Hope Prison Theatre for Young People; P.Taylor An Interview with Patrice Baldwin; E.Vettraino & P.Baldwin
Youth and Theatre of the Oppressed investigates a performance strategy which aims to develop possible alternatives to oppressive forces in individual s lives. Eminent contributors offer diverse perspectives on the theories and practices within Theatre of the Oppressed, especially as it relates to young people. This book shares TO s goal of engaging the collective to create generative conversations among readers which look deeply into the issues of community through theatre - whether in India or Indiana - and to work with young people to name their world, untangle the knot of oppressions, and to develop with them possible action plans for their own futures.

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