Interreligious Friendship after Nostra Aetate
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Interreligious Friendship after Nostra Aetate

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J. Fredericks
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Introduction; James L. Fredericks 1. Learning in the Presence of the Other: My Friendship with Sara Lee; Mary C. Boys 2. Michael Signer and the Language of Friendship; John C. Cavadini 3.The Blessing of Sitting Together; Elena Procario-Foley 4. Faith and Friendship; David Burrell 5. Friendship: Cultivating Theological Virtue; Marianne Farina and Massarat Khan 6. Ties that Bind: Interfaith Friend, Interfaith Kin; Rita George-Tvrtkovi? 7. Rasoul, My Friend and Brother; Bradley J. Malkovsky 8. Study and Friendship: Intersections throughout an Academic Life; Francis X. Clooney 9. Jivanmukti, Freedom, and a Cassette Recorder: Friendship beyond Friendship in the Tradition of Advaita Vedanta; Reid B. Locklin 10. Toddlers and Teas: Parenting in a Multireligious World; Tracy Sayuki Tiemeier and Mughda Yeolekar 11. With New Eyes to See: Changing the Perception of Self and Other through Interreligious Friendship; Karen B. Enriquez 12. Masao Abe: A Spiritual Friendship; James L. Fredericks 13. A Friend and Scholar: A Guide on the Way to Understanding Buddhism; Peter C. Phan 14. My Friendship with Rita Gross; Rosemary Radford Ruether 15. Interreligious Friendship: A Path to Conversion for a Catholic Theologian; SimonMary Asese Aihiokhai 16. Interreligious Friendship: Symbiosis of Human Relationship Vis-à-vis Religious Differences - A Christian Encounter with Two African Traditional Religionists; Marinus Chijioke Iwuchukwu Conclusion; Mary Margaret Funk
Interreligious Friendships after Nostra Aetate explores the ways in which personal relationships are essential for theology. Catholic theologians tell the personal stories of their interreligious friendships and explore the significance of their friendships for their own life and work.