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Death, Dying, and Mysticism

The Ecstasy of the End
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T. Cattoi
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Introduction: Ars Moriendi after Kant's Turn to the Subject; Thomas Cattoi 1. Lady Jacopa and Francis: Mysticism and The Management of Francis of Assisi's Deathbed Story; Darleen Pryds 2. Mystical Dying in Contemporary Autobiographies; Lucy Bregman 3. Traces of Resurrection: The Pattern of Simone Weil's Mysticism; Stuart Jesson 4. Thoreau's Religious Response to Death; Robert Michael Ruehl 5. You Create Your Own Reality: The Fallacy of Death in Jane Roberts' Seth Material; Cynthia A. Hogan 6. Symbolic Death of the Subject in the Structure of Jacques Lacan; Jin Sook Kim 7. Anomalous Experiences and the Bereavement Process; Callum E. Cooper, Chris A. Roe, and Graham Mitchell 8. Heaven is for Real and America's Fascination with Near-Death Experiences; Candy Guenther Brown 9. Mystical Knowledge and Near Death Experience; Lee Irwin 10. The Experience of Death as Non-Death; Jordan Paper 11. Death Visions of the Goddess Kali: The Bengali Shakta Corpse Ritual at the Burning Ground; June McDaniel 12. Sam?dhi as True Death in the Yogas?tra; Lloyd W. Pflueger 13. At our end is the beginning: Death as the Liminal Real in the Art of Frida Kahlo; June-Ann Greeley 14. Modern Requiem Compositions and Musical Knowledge of Death and Afterlife; Martin J. Hoondert
This volume offers a sample of reflections from scholars and practitioners on the theme of death and dying from scholars and practitioners, ranging from the Christian tradition to Hinduism, Lacanian psychoanalysis, while also touching on the themes of the afterlife and near-death experiences.

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