'Regimes of Historicity' in Southeastern and Northern Europe, 1890-1945
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'Regimes of Historicity' in Southeastern and Northern Europe, 1890-1945

Discourses of Identity and Temporality
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D. Mishkova
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Introduction PART I: HISTORICAL CULTURES AND CONCEPTS OF TIME 1. Regimes of 'Balkan Historicity': The Critical Turn and Regional Time in Studies of the Balkans Before the First World War; Diana Mishkova 2. Latecomers and Forerunners: Temporality, Historicity, and Modernity in Early 20th Century Finnish Historiography; Marja Jalava 3. Temporality and Identity in Danish Historical Discourse, 1900-1945: Danish Historians Writing Modernity; Claus Møller Jørgensen 4. Regimes of Historicity, Identity and Temporality in Montenegro, 1905-1945; Frantisek SiStek 5. Temporalization and Professionalization: The Case of Lauritz Weibull and the Swedish Discipline of History; Simon Larsson PART II: THE IDEOLOGIES OF REGENERATION 6. Transcending Modernity: Agrarian Populist Visions of Collective Regeneration in Interwar East Central Europe; Balázs Trencsényi 7. Cooperative Modernity: Discursive Constructions of Social Order in the Bulgarian Cooperative Movement of the Interwar Period; Augusta Dimou 8. Revolutionary Change, Individualism, and Collectivism: Historicity in Anarchist Thinking and Its Socialist Critique in Early 20th Century Finland; Ralf Kauranen and Mikko Pollari 9. The Regimes of 'Degeneration' and 'Regeneration': Eugenics and Modernization in Bulgaria, 1900?1945; Gergana Mircheva 10. Generation, Regeneration and Discourses of Identity in the Intellectual Foundations of Romanian Fascism: The case of the AXA Group; Valentin S?ndulescu PART III: REPRESENTATIONS OF MODERNITY AND NATIONAL TEMPORALITIES 11. Regimes of Historicity and Discourses of Modernity: The Conceptualization of Past and Future in Swedish Social Sciences since the 1870s; Bo Stråth 12. Byzantium Evolutionized: Architectural History and National Identity in Turn-of-the-Century Serbia; Aleksandar Ignjatovi? 13. Modernist Folklorism: Discourses on National Music in Greece and Turkey, 1900?1945; Merih Erol 14. The Past, Present, and Future of the Muslim Millet: Discourses of Modernity and Identity in Interwar Bulgaria, 1923?1939; Anna Mirkova 15. 'The Clash of Generations': The Identity Discourses of Romanian Jewish Intellectuals in the Interwar Period; Camelia Cr?ciun 16. 'Historical Truth and the Realities of Blood': Romanian and Hungarian Narratives of National Belonging and the Case of the Moldavian Csangos, 1920-1945; Chris Davis
The volume undertakes a comparative analysis of the various discursive traditions dealing with the connection between modernity and historicity in Southeastern and Northern Europe, reconstructing the ways in which different "temporalities" produced alternative representations of the past and future, of continuity and discontinuity, and identity.

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