Latinos and Narrative Media
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Latinos and Narrative Media

Participation and Portrayal
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F. Aldama
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Foreword: Confessions of a Multimediated Latino; Javier Hernandez 1. Multimediated Latinos in the 21st Century: An Introduction; Frederick Luis Aldama PART I: BORDER GENRES...BORDERLANDS 2. Border Media and New Spaces of Latinidad; Camilla Fojas 3. Days of the (Un)Dead: Vampires, Zombies, and Other Forms of Chicano/a Horror in Film; Jesse Alemán 4. Postmodern Guacamole: Lifting the Lid on El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera; Phillip Serrato 5. Latino Media in a Digital Age; Randy Ontiveros 6. Tex[t]-Mex, Seductive Hallucinations of the 'Mexican' in America, 2.0: A Diary Chronicling the Transmogrifying Metamorphosis of a Neurosis from Book to Museum and on to the Internet; William Nericcio 7. Nacho Libre, or, The Inauthenticity of Rasquachismo Ilan Stavans Illuminated Bodies: Kat Von D and the Borderlands of Tattoo Culture; Theresa N. Rojas PART II: TRANSMEDIAL...TRANSRACIAL CROSSINGS 8. Staking Out a Blatino Borderlands; Adilifu Nama 9. Latina Ethnoracial Ambiguity in Post-Racial Television Narratives; Isabel Molina-Guzmán 10. Unwanted Extraterrestrials...or Dirty, Stinking, Aliens: Latinos in Today's Sci-Fi Televisual Blueprints; Samuel Saldívar 11. Empathic Cross-fires: Latinos in Bollywood...Bollywood in Latinolandia; Torsa Ghosal PART III: MATTERS OF FORM, MIND, AND AUDIENCE 12. From El Mariachi to Spy Kids?: A Cognitive Approach; Sue J. Kim 13. Latino Sci-Fi: Cognition and Narrative Design in Alex Rivera's Sleep Dealer; Christopher González 14. Latino Comics: Javier Hernandez's El Muerto as an Allegory of Chicano Identity; David William Foster 15. Getting Your Mind/Body On: Latinos in Video Games; Frederick Luis Aldama 16. Multimediated Latinos Come Full Circle: An Afterword; John Jota Leaños
This is the first book to explore the multitude of narrative media forms created by and that feature Latinos in the twenty-first century - a radically different cultural landscape to earlier epochs. The essays present a fresh take informed by the explosion of Latino demographics and its divergent cultural tastes.