Latin American Foreign Policies
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Latin American Foreign Policies

Between Ideology and Pragmatism
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G. Gardini
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Introduction: Ideology and Pragmatism in Latin American Foreign Policy - Gian Luca Gardini and Peter Lambert Latin American Foreign Policies between Ideology and Pragmatism: A Framework for Analysis - Gian Luca Gardini Pragmatism, Ideology and Tradition in Chilean Foreign Policy since 1990 - Joaquín Fermandois Brazilian Foreign Policy: Causal Beliefs in Formulation and Pragmatism in Practice - Miriam Gomes Saraiva Dancing between Superpowers: Ideology, Pragmatism and Drift in Paraguayan Foreign Policy - Peter Lambert Argentine Foreign Policy under the Kirchners: Ideological, Pragmatic or simply Peronist? - Andres Malamud From Obscurity to Center Stage: The Architectonics of Bolivia's Foreign Policy - Larry Birns and Alex Sanchez Pragmatism and Ideology in the Foreign Policy of Peru - Ronald Bruce St John The Continuing Pull of the Polar Star: Colombian Foreign Relations in the Post-Cold War Era - Stephen Randal Venezuelan Foreign Policy under Chávez: The Pragmatic Success of Revolutionary Ideology? - Diana Raby Defying Expectations: The External Profile and Activism of the Cuban Revolution - Antoni Kapcia Nicaragua's Pragmatic Ideologues - David Close Mexico's Foreign Policy Under The Partido Acción Nacional: Promoting Democracy, Human Rights, and Interests - Ana Covarrubias Unity and Diversity in Latin American Visions of Regional Integration - Gian Luca Gardini Conclusions - Gian Luca Gardini and Peter Lambert
In recent years several Latin American countries have adopted a more assertive and autonomous stance in their foreign policy. The growing rejection of neo-liberalism as an ideological dogma seems to have given space to more pragmatic stances in favour of national interests.