Organizational Culture and Commitment
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Organizational Culture and Commitment

Transmission in Multinationals
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V. Miroshnik
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Preface List Of Tables List Of Figures List Of Abbreviations 1. Organizational Culture and Company Citizenship 2. Organizational Culture as Resource 3. Multinational Company and its Subsidiaries 4. Methodology 5. Models and Measurement 6. Organizational Culture and Organizational Commitment in the Parent Unit in Japan 7. Analysis of the Organizational Culture and Organizational Commitment in the Thai Subsidiary 8. Analysis of Organizational Culture and Organizational Commitment in the Indian Subsidiary 9. Multilevel Research Model. Hqs, Japan, Thai and Indian Subsidiaries 10. Discussion 11. Conclusion Appendices References
Formation of company citizenship leads to success for the multinational companies by creating psychological alignments of the employee. This, therefore, should be considered as the international strategy of a multinational firm to create unique resources for competitive success. Successful multinational firms develop a common pattern of business performance by creating company citizenships, which include a primary focus on such values as organizational innovation, and a goal orientation. These values ultimately create commitment of the employees. This book proposes that there are some specific espoused values in every important multinational company, which form their organizational cultures and create values, which in turn may create enhanced performance of the organization. We can call this interrelationship between culture and performance as the company citizenship. This company citizenship can be transmitted from one part of the globe to another through the transmission of its corporate management and operations management system as a strategy of a multinational company.

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