Zizek and Media Studies
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Zizek and Media Studies

A Reader
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M. Flisfeder
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Introduction: Zizek and Media Studies, Beyond Lacan; Matthew Flisfeder and Louis-Paul Willis PART I: MEDIA, IDEOLOGY, AND POLITICS 1. Zizek's Reception: Fifty Shades of Gray Ideology; Paul A. Taylor 2. The Sublime Absolute: Althusser, Zizek, and the Critique of Ideology; Agon Hamza 3. Student Fantasies: A Zizekian Perspective on the 2012 Quebec Student Uprising; Louis-Paul Willis 4. The Objective: The Configuration of Trauma in the 'War on Terror,' or the Sublime Object of the Medium; Richard Begin PART II: POPULAR CULTURE 5. The Priority of the Example: Hegel Contra Film Studies; Todd McGowan 6. Imagining the End Times: Ideology, the Contemporary Disaster Movie, and Contagion; Matthew Beaumont 7. Zizek and the 80s Movie Song: "There Is a Non-Relationship"; Graham Wolfe 8. A Little Piece of the Reel: Prosthetic Vocality and the Obscene Surplus of Record Production; Mickey Vallee 9. White Elephants and Dark Matter(s): Watching the World Cup with Slavoj Zizek; Tim Walters PART III: FILM AND CINEMA 10. Contingent Encounters and Retroactive Signification: Zooming in on the Dialectical Core of Zizek's Film Criticism; Fabio Vighi 11. How to Kill Your Mother: Heavenly Creatures, Desire and Zizek's Return to Ideology; Cindy Zeiher 12. Dialogue with American Skepticism: Cavell and Zizek on Sexual Difference; Keiko Ogata 13. From Interpassive to Interactive Cinema: A Genealogy of the Moving Image of Cynicism; Tamas Nagypal 14. Beyond the Beyond: CGI and the Anxiety of Overperfection; Hugh Manon PART IV: SOCIAL MEDIA AND THE INTERNET 15. Slavoj Zizek as Internet Philosopher; Clint Burnham 16. The Real Internet; Jodi Dean 17. Enjoying Social Media; Matthew Flisfeder 18. Is Torture Part of Your Social Network; Tara Atluri Afterword: Staging Feminine Hysteria: Schoenberg's Erwartung; Slavoj Zizek
Film, media, and cultural theorists have long appealed to Lacanian theory in order to discern processes of subjectivization, representation, and ideological interpellation. Here, the contributors take up a Zizekian approach to studies of cinema and media, raising questions about power, ideology, sexual difference, and enjoyment.