The Political Economy of Empire in the Early Modern World
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The Political Economy of Empire in the Early Modern World

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S. Reinert
Cambridge Imperial and Post-Colonial Studies Series
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Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Foreword: Of Empire and Political Economy; Richard Drayton Introduction: The Political Economy of Empire; Sophus Reinert and Pernille Røge PART I: THEORISING THE EARLY MODERN EMPIRE 1. An Empire of Trade Commercial Reason of State in Seventeenth-Century Holland; Jan Hartman and Arthur Weststeijn 2. A Natural Order of Empire: The Physiocratic Vision of Colonial France after the Seven Years War; Pernille Røge 3. Adam Smith on American Economic Development and the Future of the European Atlantic Empires; Thomas Hopkins 4. Views from the South: Images of Britain and its Empire in Portuguese and Spanish Political Economic Discourse, c. 1740-1810; Gabriel Paquette 5. The Empire of Emulation: A Quantitative Analysis of Economic Translations in the European World, 1500-1849; Sophus Reinert PART II: IMPERIAL EXPERIENCES 6. War, Peace, and the Rise of the London Stock Market; Giles Parkinson 7. The Impact of Gifts and Trade: Georgia Colonists and Yamacraw Indians in the Colonial American Southeast; Claire Levenson 8. Retrenchment, Reform and the Practice of Military-Fiscalism in the Early East India Company State; James Lees 9. How Feeding Slaves Shaped the French Atlantic: Mercantilism and the Crisis of Food Provisioning in the Franco-Caribbean during the 17th and 18th Centuries; Bertie Mandelblatt Bibliography Index ?
This collection of essays draws on fresh readings of classic texts as well as rigorous research in the archives of Europe's greatest imperial power. Its contributors paint a powerful picture of the nature and implementation of political economy in the long eighteenth century, from the East to the West Indies.

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