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Theory on the Edge
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Theory on the Edge

Irish Studies and the Politics of Sexual Difference
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N. Giffney
Breaking Feminist Waves
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Introduction: Emergent Strands or Theory on Edge?; Margrit Shildrick Women's Studies and the Disciplines; Ailbhe Smyth PART I: POLITICS 1. The Politics of Sexual Difference: The Enduring Influence of the Catholic Church; Ivana Bacik 2. Rethinking the Armagh Women's Dirty Protest; Paula Burns 3. The State, Women, and Irish Abortion Policy, 1983-2010; Sandra McAvoy 4. Irish Migration and Irish Sexuality Scholarship: Queering the Connections; Eithne Luibheid 5. Affecting Trans-feminist Solidarity; Breda Gray 6. Wonderful Documents and Male Begrudgery: Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Northern Ireland; Margaret Ward 7. Pride, Politics, and the Right to Perform: Negotiating Civil Partnership in Ireland; Fintan Walsh PART II: CULTURE 8. Race, Sex, and Nation; Gerardine Meaney 9. Outside-In and the Places In-Between: Feminist Community Higher Education; Aideen Quilty 10. "Watch your Language": Speculative Theory and the Poetry of Rita Ann Higgins; Moynagh Sullivan 11. Knowing the Landscape, Navigating the Language: Chinese Women's Experience of Arrival in Ireland; Edith Shillue 12. Enjoying Substance: Psychoanalysis, Literature and Joyce's Writing of Women; Olga Cox Cameron 13. Culture on the Edge: The Postfeminist Challenge; Debbie Ging 14. A Cure for Melancholia? Queer Sons, Dead Mothers, and the Fantasy of Multiculturalism in McCabe and Jordan's Breakfast on Pluto (s); Anne Mulhall 15. Quare Theory; Noreen Giffney Interview with Ailbhe Smyth; Medb Ruane
Theory on the Edge brings together some of the foremost specialists working at the interdisciplinary interface between Irish Studies, feminist theory, queer theory, and gender and sexuality studies in order to trace the contemporary development of feminist thinking and activism in Ireland.