Spanish Gothic
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Spanish Gothic

National Identity, Collaboration and Cultural Adaptation
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Xavier Aldana Reyes
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217x154x22 mm
First thorough introduction to the history of the Gothic in Spain from the late-eighteenth century to the present day and first in the English language.
1. INTRODUCTION: DEFINING AND DELIMITING THE SPANISH GOTHIC.- 2. PART I - FIRST WAVE GOTHIC (1785-1834) - Chapter 1. Imported Terrors and First Genre Hybrids.- 3. Chapter 2. The Early Spanish Gothic Novel (1800-34).- 4. PART II - FROM ROMANTICISM TO THE FIN-DE-SIÈCLE (1834-1900) - Chapter 3. Spanish Romanticism and the Gothic.- 5. Chapter 4. From the 1860s to the Fin-de-Siècle: The Development of the Gothic Short Story.- 6. PART III - MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY GOTHIC LITERATURE (1900-2016) - Chapter 5. The Twentieth Century (1900-75): Modernist Spiritualism and Political Gothic.- 7. Chapter 6. From the Death of Franco to the Present: The Establishment of Horror and the Gothic Auteur.- 8. PART IV - SPANISH GOTHIC CINEMA (1906-2016) - Chapter 7. From Segundo de Chomón to the Rise and Fall of 'Fantaterror'.- 9. Chapter 8. The Post-Millennial Horror Revival: Auteurs, Gothic (Dis)Continuities and National History.- 10. Conclusion: A Language of Collaboration and Liberation.
This book presents the first English introduction to the broad history of the Gothic mode in Spain. It focuses on key literary periods, such as Romanticism, the fin-de-siècle, spiritualist writings of the early-twentieth century, and the cinematic and literary booms of the 1970s and 2000s. With illustrative case studies, Aldana Reyes demonstrates how the Gothic mode has been a permanent yet ever-shifting fixture of the literary and cinematic landscape of Spain since the late-eighteenth century. He proposes that writers and filmmakers alike welcomed the Gothic as a liberating and transgressive artistic language.

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