Discourse Theory and Critical Media Politics
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Discourse Theory and Critical Media Politics

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Lincoln Dahlberg
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This is the first volume to undertake a systematic examination of the relationship between discourse theory and critical media politics
Note on Contributors Discourse Theory and Critical Media Politics: An Introduction; S.Phelan & L.Dahlberg Discourse Theory as Critical Media Politics? Five Questions; L.Dahlberg From Media to Mediality: Mediatic (Counter-)Apparatuses and the Concept of the Political in Communication Studies; O.Marchart What Does Democracy Feel Like? Form, Function, Affect, and the Materiality of the Sign; J.Gilbert Ideology and Politics in the Popular Press: The Case of the 2009 UK MPs' Expenses Scandal; Wei-yuan Chang & J.Glynos The Media as the Neoliberalized Sediment: Articulating Laclau's Discourse Theory with Bourdieu's Field Theory; S.Phelan Post-Marx beyond Post-Marx: Autonomism and Discourse Theory; J.Zeljko Bratich Multiplicity, Autonomy, New Media, and the Networked Politics of New Social Movements; N.Fenton Mediated Construction of the People: Laclau's Political Theory and Media Politics; J.Simons Mobilizing Discourse Theory for Critical Media Politics: Obstacles and Potentials; P.Dahlgren Index
A systematic examination of the relationship between post-Marxist discourse theory and media studies. This volume interrogates discourse theory - as read via the work of Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe - through an engagement with major approaches to critical media politics and a range of issues in contemporary media politics.

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