De-Medicalizing Misery II
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De-Medicalizing Misery II

Society, Politics and the Mental Health Industry
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E. Speed
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This book extends the critical scope of the previous volume, , developing the critique of the psychiatrization of Western society, and suggesting alternative solutions
Preface: Misery, Meaning and Politics 1. Is it Justice? Therapeutic History and the Politics of Recognition; Frank Furedi 2. Mentality of Morality? Membership Categorization, Multiple Meanings and Mass Murder; Mark Rapley, David McCarthy and Alec McHoul 3. Uncovering Recovery: the Resistible Rise of Recovery and Resilience; David Harper and Ewen Speed 4. The Failure of Modern Psychiatry and Some Prospects of Scientific Progress Offered by Critical Realism; David Pilgrim 5. The Construction of Psychiatric Diagnoses: the Case of Adult ADHD; Joanna Moncrieff, Mark Rapley and Sami Timimi 6. The Hyperactive State: ADHD in Historical Perspective; Matthew Smith 7. The Medicalization of 'Ups and Downs:' The Marketing of the New Bipolar Disorder; Joanna Moncrieff 8. 'It Made Me Realise That's How I Was': Identity Management by People with Diagnoses of 'Learning Disability' and 'Mental Illness'; Dora Whittuck 9. ADHD: How a Lie 'Medicated' Often Enough Became the Truth; Martin Whitely 10 .Transforming Misery into Sickness: The Genealogy of Depression in the DSM; Joan Busfield 11. The Cardinals of Psychiatry; David Healy 12. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual: A History of Critiques of Psychiatric Classification Systems; Craig Newnes 13. Time to Abandon the Bio-Bio-Bio Model of Psychosis: Exploring the Epigenetic and Psychological Mechanisms by which Adverse Life Events Lead to Psychotic Symptoms; John Read, Richard P. Bentall and Roar Fosse 14. Trauma, Dissociation Attachment and Neuroscience: A New Paradigm for Understanding Severe Mental Illness ; Jacqui Dillon, Lucy Johnstone and Eleanor Longden ?
This book extends the critical scope of the previous volume, De-Medicalizing Misery, into a wider social and political context, developing the critique of the psychiatrization of Western society. It explores the contemporary mental health landscape and poses possible alternative solutions to the continuing issues of emotional distress.

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