The British Abroad Since the Eighteenth Century, Volume 1
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The British Abroad Since the Eighteenth Century, Volume 1

Travellers and Tourists
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M. Farr
Britain and the World
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Introduction; Martin Farr and Xavier Guégan PART I: CLASSES OF TRAVEL 1. British Tourists and the Beaches of Europe, from the Eighteenth Century to the 1960s; John Walton 2. Is Britishness always British? Country Houses, Travel and the Cosmopolitan identity of the British Elite in the Eighteenth Century; Stephanie Barczewski 3. Technology, Imperial Connections, and Royal Tourism on the Prince of Wales' 1875 Visit to India; Joe De Sapio PART II: EUROPE 4. 'On the Continong': Britons Abroad and the 'business of travel': 1820-1914; Jill Steward 5. The 'Alien' European: British Accounts of Portugal and the Portuguese, 1780-1850; Maria Clara Paulino 6. The Lacunae of Heliosis: Package Holidays and the Long 1970s; Martin Farr PART III: THE EMPIRE 7. British Travellers and the Invisibility of Australia's Past 1868-1910; Richard White 8. Securing Shanghai: British Women Artists and 'Their' City; Catherine MacKenzie 9. Carry On up the Nile: the Tourist Gaze and the British Experience of Egypt, 1818-1932; Peter Lyth PART IV: ...AND BEYOND 10. British Travel Writing and the Japanese Interior, 1854-99 ; Andrew Elliott 11. So Near and yet so Far: British Tourism in Algiers, 1860-1914; Kenneth J. Perkins 12. Lost Horizons: British Travellers to Tibet and the Himalayas in the Twentieth Century; Tom Neuhaus Index
This book considers the British travelling beyond their isles over the last three hundred years, and through a range of interdisciplinary perspectives reflects on their taste for discovery and self-discovery both through the exploration - and exploitation - of other lands and peoples.

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