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Romanticism and Blackwood's Magazine

'An Unprecedented Phenomenon'
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R. Morrison
Palgrave Studies in the Enlightenment, Romanticism and the Cultures of Print
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List of Illustrations Acknowledgements Abbreviations Notes on Contributors 'A character so various, and yet so indisputably its own': A Passage to Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine; R.Morrison & D.S.Roberts PART I: BLACKWOOD'S AND THE PERIODICAL PRESS Beginning Blackwood's: The Right Mix of Dulce and Ùtile; P.Flynn John Gibson Lockhart and Blackwood's: Shaping the Romantic Periodical Press; T.Richardson From Gluttony to Justified Sinning: Confessional Writing in Blackwood's and the London Magazine; D.Higgins Camaraderie and Conflict: De Quincey and Wilson on Enemy Lines; R.Morrison Selling Blackwood's Magazine, 1817-1834; D.Finkelstein PART II: BLACKWOOD'S CULTURE AND CRITICISM Blackwood's 'Personalities'; T.Mole Communal Reception, Mary Shelley, and the 'Blackwood's School' of Criticism; N.Mason Blackwoodian Allusion and the Culture of Miscellaneity; D.Stewart Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine in the Scientific Culture of Early Nineteenth-Century Edinburgh; W.Christie The Art and Science of Politics in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, c. 1817-1841; D.Kelly Prosing Poetry: Blackwood's and Generic Transposition, 1820-1840; J.Camlot PART III: BLACKWOOD'S FICTIONS Blackwood's and the Boundaries of the Short Story; T.Killick The Edinburgh of Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine and James Hogg's Fiction; G.Hughes 'The Taste for Violence in Blackwood's Magazine'; M.Schoenfield PART IV: BLACKWOOD'S AT HOME John Wilson and Regency Authorship; R.Cronin John Wilson and Sport; J.Strachan William Maginn and the Blackwood's 'Preface' of 1826; D.E.Latané, Jr. All Work and All Play: Felicia Hemans's Edinburgh Noctes; N.Sweet PART V: BLACKWOOD'S ABROAD Imagining India in Early Blackwood's; D.S.Roberts Tales of the Colonies: Blackwood's, Provincialism, and British Interests Abroad; A.Jarrells Selected Bibliography Index
This collection of essays throws vast new light on the most significant literary-political journal of the Romantic age. Its chapters analyze Blackwood's wide-ranging contributions on some of the most topical issues in Romantic studies, including celebrity, British versus Scottish nationalism, and the rise of terror and detective fiction.

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