Making Good Decisions
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Making Good Decisions

Law for Social Work Practice
 , Book
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, Book
Michael Preston-Shoot
240 g
203x127x12 mm

This book offers a practical guide to the complex principles, structures and procedures of the law as it applies to the everyday practice and decisions of social workers
Introduction.- 1. First Principles.- 2. Foundations of Good Decision-making.- 3. Human Rights and Equality.- 4. Partnerships within Decision-making.- 5. Who Decides?.- 6. What can we Afford?.- 7. Deciding to Share Information.- 8. Learning from the Uncomfortable and Unthinkable.- 9. Embedding and Ensuring Best Practice.- Useful Websites.- Glossary.- Biliography.- Index.
What does the law require of social workers when deciding how to intervene to protect children and adults at risk? What social work standards should guide decisions about whether, when and how to invoke statutory powers and duties in practice? Making Good Decisions provides an accessible and practical guide to the legal rules and principles that should guide everyday social work practice. It sets out the key elements of administrative law, equality and human rights legislation which shape how social workers practise and illustrates how knowledge and use of legal principles can support core social work goals, including empowerment, equality and social justice. An invaluable reference point for all students and practitioners, this book will support and empower social workers to feel more confident in making and challenging decisions, more credible when presenting assessments and plans, and more creative when working with service users and carers.The text is supported by a range of innovative features and boxed information to aid learning and stimulate reflection:- Key Case Analysis boxes summarize the details of particular legal cases and outline the implications for social work practice- Practice Focus boxes apply legal principles and processes to practice through the use of social work scenarios- On-The-Spot Questions reinforce understanding and encourage critical reflection

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