History, Memory and Politics in Central and Eastern Europe
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History, Memory and Politics in Central and Eastern Europe

Memory Games
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G. Mink
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Introduction; G.Mink & L.Neumayer PART I: MOBILIZATIONS AROUND MEMORY: NEW ACTORS, NEW ISSUES Would-Be Guardians Of Memory. An Association Of Camp Inmates Of The 1992-1995 Bosnian War Under Ethnographic Scrutiny; C.Jouhanneau The Russian Orthodox Church And Reconciliation With The Soviet Past; K.Rousselet 'You Still Live Far From The Motherland, But You Are Her Son, Her Daughter'. War Memory And Soviet Mental Space (1945-2011); M.Venken Pilgrimages To The Edge Of The Fallen Empire - An Anthropological Study Of Finnish And Hungarian Pilgrimages To World War II Memorials In Post-Soviet Russia; E.Fisli & J.Parot Memory At The Margins: The Shoah In Ukraine (1991-2011); S.Fainberg PART II: MEMORY POLICIES AND HISTORICAL NARRATIVES: HOW DO STATES DEAL WITH MEMORIES OF THE PAST? Elites' Games In The Field Of Memory: Insights From Lithuania; I.Matonyte The Chernobyl Nuclear Accident And Identity Strategies In Belarus; T.Kasperski Dealing With The Past In Central And Southern European Democracies: Comparing Spain And Poland; F.Raimundo Institutions Of National Memory In Post-Communist Europe: From Transitional Justice To Political Uses Of Biographies (1989-2010); G.Mink PART III: INTERNATIONAL NORMS AND 'GEOPOLITICS OF MEMORY' Memory Wars And Reconciliation In The Ukrainian-Polish Borderlands: Geopolitics Of Memory From A Local Perspective; T.Zhurzhenko Memory Of The Soviet Union And European Norms On Diversity As Rival Frames For Ethnic Boundary Making: A Case Study In Latvia's Russian-Speaking Schools; P.Bonnard Creating European Norms Of Reconciliation: The Involvement Of The Council Of Europe And The OSCE In The Controversy On The Hungarian 'Status Law'; L.Neumayer The Rejection Of International Criminal Law In West Germany After WWII; G.Mouralis History As A Tool For Foreign Policy In The Baltic States After Independence; P.Perchoc Conclusion; G.Mink & L.Neumayer
Fourteen specialists of Central and Eastern European politics explore memory policies and politics by examining how and why contested memories are constantly reactivated in the former Soviet bloc. The book explores how new social and political actors can challenge the traditional narratives about the past produced by state bodies.

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