India Migration Report 2011
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India Migration Report 2011

Migration, Identity and Conflict
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S. Irudaya Rajan
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Preface 1. Facets of Indian Mobility: An Update S. Irudaya Rajan and U. S. Mishra 2. Internal Migration in India: Are the Underclass More Mobile? R. B. Bhagat 3. Rural-to-Urban Migration in India: A District Level Analysis Arup Mitra and Mayumi Murayama 4. Short-Duration Migration in India Vijay Korra 5. Magnitude of Migration from the Northeastern Region of India Rikil Chyrmang 6. Politics of Migration and Conflict S. Irudaya Rajan, Vijay Korra and Rikil Chyrmang 7. Can the Licensing-Inspection Mechanism Deliver Justice to Interstate Migrant Workman? N. R. Madhava Menon 8. In Search of Livelihoods: Migration and Mobility from Karnataka to Goa Ajay Bailey 9. Reasons for Rural--Urban Migration: Recent Evidences from Bangalore Kala Seetharam Sridhar and A. Venugopala Reddy 10. Job Recruitment Networks and Migration to Cities in India Vegard Iversen, Kunal Sen, Arjan Verschoor and Amaresh Dubey 11. Caste, Ethnicity and Migration: Linking Recruitment and Labour Process Mythri Prasad Aleyamma 12. Migration and Female Employment in India: Macro-evidence G. Remya Prabha 13. Multiple Identities and Migratory Dynamics among Nurses Sreelekha Nair 14. Closely Woven: Domestic Work and Internal Migration of Women in India Neetha N. 15. On Examining Migration--Poverty Nexus in Urban India William Joe, Priyajit Samaiyar and U. S. Mishra 16. Outside and Inside the Nation: Migrant Narratives and the Making of a Productive Citizen in Kerala V. J. Varghese 17. Impact of Emigration and Remittances on Goan Economy K. C. Zachariah and S. Irudaya Rajan 18. Emigration and Remittances in Kerala in the Context of Surge in Oil Prices K. C. Zachariah and S. Irudaya Rajan 19. High skilled Migration and its Economic Implications for India Sunil Mani
This book examines identities, violence and conflict in the context of internal migration within India. As India prepares to count its citizens for Census 2011 with a proposal for a National Population Register and a unique identity card for every Indian citizen, the debate on internal and cross-border migration is significant. The second volume in this annual series, India Migration Report 2011 focuses on the implications of internal migration, livelihood strategies, recruitment processes, and development and policy concerns in critically reviewing the existing institutional framework. The essays provide a district-level analysis of the various facets of migration with a focus on employment networks, gender dimensions and migration-development linkages, with concrete policy suggestions to improve living and working conditions of vulnerable migrant workers who are a lifeline to the growth of Indian economy. This will be an invaluable resource for those in the fields of demography, economics, sociology, public policy and administration.

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