The Transition Tightrope
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The Transition Tightrope

Supporting Students in Transition to Secondary School
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Angie Wilcock
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Foreword: Caz Bosch (President Australian Parents Council) Preface: The Leap To Secondary School Introduction: What The Research Says About Transition 1. The Middle Years - Morphing From Gorgeous To Grumpy 2. Boys And Girls - Viva La Difference! 3. The New Social Network - Real Friends, Not Online! 4. Parents Keeping A Connection With Their School 5. Aligning The Stars - Finding That Balance Between Work And Play 6. Work Environment - Basic Or Brilliant? 7. "Where's My Assignment?" The Need To Be Organized 8. Managing Time - It Can Be Done! 9. Attitude - What Attitude! 10. Parents With Style - Which Style Suits You? 11. See It...Hear It...Do It - Working Smarter, Not Harder 12. The Art Of Setting Goals Epilogue: The Last Word
The transition phase from primary to secondary school is a time of massive personal, physical, psychological and social change. Not only is it a difficult time for the young adolescent, but it is also a challenging time for parents, teachers and anyone working with young people experiencing such substantial changes in their lives. In this highly accessible book, Angie Wilcock offers clear, practical, and realistic tips and strategies to support teachers' and parents' understanding of this difficult transition stage.

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