Giordano Bruno
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Giordano Bruno

His Life, Thought, and Martyrdom
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William Boulting
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Preface 1. Birth and Parentage 2. Monastic Life at Naples 3. Discipline of Books 4. Wanderings Through Italy: Naples to Geneva 5. At Geneva, Lyons and Toulouse 6. First Stay in Paris 7. The Early Works 8. At Oxford 9. In London 10. Impressions of Elizabeth's England 11. Works Printed in London 12. In Paris Again 13. At Wittenberg 14. At Prague and Helmstedt: Works of 1588-90 15. At Frankfurt and Zurich 16. The Great Latin Poem and Last Books 17. At Venice and Padua 18. The Trial 19. Bruno and the Inquisitors 20. The Roman Prison
This comprehensive book outlines the life and works of an important revolutionary intellectual of the 16th Century. This book follows Bruno's life and the development of his thought in the order in which he declared it. Giordano Bruno was an Italian Dominican friar, philosopher, mathematician and astronomer. He was burned at the stake after the Roman Inquisition found him guilty of heresy but his modern scientific thought and cosmology became very influential. His writings on science also showed interest in magic and alchemy and those are outlined in this book alongside what he is most remembered for - his place in the history of the relationship between science and faith.

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