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The Enlightenment of Sports Risk

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Oracle of Sports Market
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Part 1¿- The people are losing their money, minds and lives. Businesses are making millions, they plan to take billions.
The "smartest" mathematicians devise models; experts have knowledge of the physical game; "bright" minds meet at MIT to analyze the numbers...

99% Lose.


Answer=Perception is not reality.

What is perceived to be significant; is not. Numbers and the physical aspect of sport are perceived to be most important. However, when risking, numbers and the physical aspect of sport become some of the least significant elements.

Disadvantaged gambling; has transformed. Risk is now a global-game of Human Science, played in the most: free, fair and transparent financial market in the world. The most powerful tool in the game, the most powerful tool in the market, is the mind.

The mind recognizes and uses the significant elements. They include secret: non-numerical Patterns, silent Game Flows, controlling Environments, Artificial forces, Market Alterations and more.

Risk can transform. Into the opposite of a disadvantaged gamble...

Part 2- Emotions and the mind, make the difference. Without our emotions and mind, the "greatest" market analyst in the world is exposed, to the most powerful advantage of the house. When exposed, players stand little chance in the fight. Our human elements become our greatest weakness.

However, our mind and emotions can react differently. Our human elements, should be our strength. The most powerful advantage of the house can and should be taken away. We can turn our greatest weakness, into our greatest strength...

The Following can:

1. Help the players "win", with our minds and money.

2. Minimize the greatest advantage of the house.

3. Improve the future of the free investment world.

Part 1 Includes:

* The 9 Significant Elements when risking.

* 2 "Secret Profit-Producing Patterns" of the House.

* The "Real" Creator of the Line.

* Truth About the "Pointspread".

* Finding the Optimal Point of risk.

* Structuring Sports Risk Long-Term.

* Creating Market Arbitrage.

* 3 Critical Market Skills.

* Avoiding Fantasy Losses.

* Future of the Free Investment World.

* Weaknesses of "The House".

¿And more, provided to the players...

¿Part 2:

* Minimizing the "Greatest Advantage of the House".

* Avoiding the Emotional "Roller Coaster".

* Turning Loss into Strength and Intelligence.

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