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No Problem, Mr. Walt

A Memoir of Loss, Building a Boat,Rebuilding a Life, and Discovering China
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Walt Hackman
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CONTENTS Acknowledgments A Note on Romanization Ballad of the Voyager Preface 1. A Never-Departing Shadow 1 2. The China Trader 9 3. Before the First Trip 19 4. Shanghai-First Trip 25 5. Dinner in Old Shanghai 31 6. Is this the Beginning or the End? 37 7. Saving Face 43 8. Junks in Chinese History 49 9. The Yangtze and the Grand Canal 55 10. Beijing, Kids, and Peking Duck 61 11. The Tour Continues 71 12. A Chinese Breakfast 79 13. Stateside and Hiring Larry 87 14. Back to the Boatyard- Second Trip 93 15. Green Tea and Tsingtao 101 16. Suzhou and the Junk Test Document 107 17. Mei's Parents' New Shanghai Apartment 115 18. Shanghai Jiaotong University 123 19. Traveling Chinese Style 129 20. Going Home: The LA Riots 133 21. Shanghai, Crickets, and Pu Yi-Third Trip 139 22. A Small, Plain House and Other Places 147 23. Having Noodles with Mr. Wen 155 24. Seeing the Junk for the First Time 163 25. The Eight Immortals and Other Gods 173 26. Canton Trade Fair and Hong Kong 181 27. Dinner at Don's-Then Trouble 189 28. By Myself-Fourth Trip 195 29. Chinese New Year 207 30. Natural Cures 213 31. Chinese Poetry 219 32. Top of the Mountain 223 33. Marco and Me 227 34. Still a Lot to Do 239 35. Your Request is Ridiculous and Impossible! 247 36. What to Do-Arbitration in China? 253 37. Last Trip to China-Fifth Trip 261 38. The Junk Arrives 271
Walt Hackman's "No Problem, Mr. Walt" is more than a poignant travel memoir. It is written by a father and easygoing voyager about his travels throughout China in his extraordinary quest to build an authentic wooden Chinese junk boat-in China! This delightful book is filled with humor, drama, and suspense juxtaposed with Chinese history, anecdotes, poetry, and recipes.

Synopsis: When Walt's son was tragically murdered, his world collapsed around him. Seeking peace of mind and a new beginning, Walt sought to honor his son's memory by bringing to life a dream that had long been delayed.

It is said, "the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." "No Problem, Mr. Walt" is the story of how, despite his unimaginable heartbreak, Walt decided to take that first single step, and the next, and the next. The result is a fun and fascinating story about the people and experiences he encountered in China during the construction of the 'Mei Wen Ti,' an authentic handcrafted wooden Junk, and the journey he took in the process of becoming "Mr. Walt" while rebuilding his life as he built this extraordinary boat.

Mr. Walt's memoir is an account of personal tragedy and tenacious triumph. It's about the adventures and experiences of making unlikely friends despite significant cultural and language barriers, achieving an improbable dream against all odds, and the culmination of the "first step of a thousand miles" that changed his life forever.

Mr. Walt's extraordinary journey to build a wooden boat ultimately helped him honor the beloved son he lost and sail new seas.

Receiving rave reviews from readers around the world, this rewarding read will allow you to vicariously experience the author's China adventure-wherever you may be at the time you read it.

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