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Your Story, Our Sipur

Discovering Our Common Threads, Photography and Stories
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Sam Litvin
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Our Story, Our Sipur is a unique coffee table book created by one photographer looking at Jewish Diaspora in 33 countries in a single year. The book is a collection of photography and stories of Earth's first globalized culture. In it, the writer attempts to understand how Jews had become so influential in spite of the small number. He wanted to find out how the people differ from country to country, how some succeed at integration while others failed. This was done from a layman perspective because although most people have heard of Jews, few know their customs, traditions and how they come to have communities in nearly every country around the world. The writer wanted to know the story of their life, their traditions and customs which vary from country to country and yet in someways, are always the same. The book focuses not just on the Jewish communities, but attempts to show the countries where they settled, about the customs they share and about how they influenced their hosts and how the host cultures imprinted upon the new-comer Jews. To know this is important to understand how those influences influenced the greater Jewish culture, and the world. By going through this book, one follows Sam's journey across the world and into an ancient and influential cultures, understanding how it is that the ancient Hebrews became they culture they are today. In Our Story, see through one man's lens how thanks to their wanders around the world, this small little culture has become as diverse as the world itself.