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You Can Prophesy

Learning to Share God's Heart to Change Lives
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Joan Hunter
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What does it feel like to be in a hard place and receive a word from God? It's energizing and encouraging! Did you know that you can be a voice to share with others what God wants to say to them?In the same way Joan Hunter teaches how to pray for the sick with child-like faith and see them recover, she demonstrates how simple it can be to prophesy. You Can Prophesy shows you how to hear God's voice clearly and then share that message effectively with others. 1 Corinthians 14:1 exhorts us to "e;pursue love, and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy."e; The apostle Paul highlights this spiritual gift as a powerful tool to strengthen, encourage, and comfort others. Isaiah 55:11 declares that every word of God that goes forth from His mouth produces results. God wants those words to come from your mouth to accomplish exactly what He desires. In You Can Prophesy, you will learn the purpose and power of prophecy. what prophecy is and what it is not. your role to deliver prophetic words to others. how to use the prophetic to share the gospel. how to care for the prophetic gift within you, and much more!You Can Prophesy is full of real-life stories and examples that prove you can prophesy today. Earnestly desire to prophesy, activate the gift within you, and be a part of the life-transforming power of this amazing and hope-filled gift of the Holy Spirit.

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