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Maximizing Salvation
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Trina Nichelle Moore
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How to Use the Transformation Curriculum

Chapter 1 What Is Salvation and Why Is It Necessary?
What Is Salvation?
Why Is Salvation Necessary?
Initial Reception of Salvation
Salvation Regenerates
Salvation Is for the Whole Person: Spirit, Soul, and Body
The Eternal Result
How to Receive Salvation

Chapter 2 Get Connected, Stay Connected
Maintaining Your God Connection
Connection 1 - Find the Right Church and Become Planted
Connection 2 - Remain Distraction Free
Connection 3 - Study of God's Word
Connection 4 - Prayer: Dialogue with God
Connection 5 - Fellowship with Other Christians
Suggested Prayer and Study Practices
Necessary Study Tools for All Christians

Chapter 3 Maintaining Salvation
Why Must I Maintain A Free Gift?
Christians and Sinners
What Is Grace?
What If I Still Have Issues After I Become a Christian?
Seven Steps to Maintain Salvation

Chapter 4 The Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
The Function of the Father
The Function of the Son
The Function of the Holy Spirit

Chapter 5 The Holy Spirit
Who Is the Holy Spirit?
The Function of the Holy Spirit
Baptism of the Holy Spirit
What Are Tongues?
When Can Tongues (the Heavenly Language) Be Spoken?
Benefits of Speaking in Tongues
How to Receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Chapter 6 The Holy Spirit: The Gifts of the Spirit
Revelatory Gifts: Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom, Discerning of Spirits, Prophecy
Miraculous Gifts: Gift of Faith, Gift of Healing, Working of Miracles
Utterance Gifts: Different Kinds of Tongues, Interpretation of Tongues

Chapter 7 Becoming New in Christ
The Human Trichotomy: Spirit, Soul, and Body
The Three Parts of the Soul: Will, Mind, and Emotions
The Physical Body


About the Author
What is the next step after the altar experience? This complete and concise study guide will provide focus and accountability for anyone who has made a new commitment to Christianity. Transformation captures detailed and simplistic explanations of foundational principles belonging to the Christian faith.

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