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When He Calls You By Name

Becoming the Person God Created You to Be
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Kerry Johnston
Hope for Transformation
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A compelling and well-written book about how to lay hold of the abundant Christian life Jesus spoke of in John 10:10. Using the story of Gideon and the first chapter of Ephesians, this book examines the four non-optional parts of a genuine Christian experience and addresses some of the basic assumptions that tend to keep us locked into a low-level spiritual existence. This book answers important questions pivotal to the abundant life Jesus promised, such as:
. Is God far-away and detached, or does He want to be involved in my daily life?
. Does God have a purpose for my life and a destiny for me to fulfill?
. Can I hear God's voice so that He can tell me why I'm here?
. Are miracles things of the past, or is God still active in the supernatural realm?
. Is the Bible still relevant, or is it just a mythical book of good stories?
You will be surprised and encouraged by the conversational, uplifting message about God's love for you as an individual and his plans for your life.
When God calls us by name, He calls to a feast. He calls us His sons and daughters. He calls us to our destinies. Let's make the journey together.

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