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Suburban Gigolo

Bad Boy Around Town
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Annette Hamilton
Blackwing Press
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Bacchi, a charming young feline, lives with his human mother in a gritty inner Sydney suburb. She is very busy with her work and when she comes home she writes novels. Her employers put her on the night shift, and although Bacchi loves her very much he starts feeling neglected, cross and confused. Still, there are plenty of places for a cat to go exploring, and it's a nice warm summer so he finds lots of open windows and curtains to peek through. Then his mother meets a new man, and starts spending whole nights away from home. Bacchi decides to take matters into his own paws, and starts to visit the ladies in their apartments, where he enjoys many a tasty supper. His mother can't understand why he is getting so fat. Bacchi is pleased with his new secret life, but he gets more than he bargained for when he meets gigantic Bondi surfer girl and photographer, Lorelei. Ruthless and remorseless, she steals him away from home and turns him into a Facebook phenomenon - dressed in silly clothes! Is he destined for depression by the seaside? Will he ever find his way home? Thanks to a lucky break he is rescued by his mother and her boyfriend, but he realises he can't be sure of anything in this modern world, least of all his own future. A philosophical tale for those involved in complicated relations with Felis Catus.

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