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Steps in the Middle

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Ernest Mhande
Ernest Mhande
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Based on a true life story: Mark had just turned five years old when Gabriel, his father is assassinated. He and his two sisters are raised by Agnes, their grandmother. Throughout his life, he struggles with the absence of Gabriel and the belief that the death of Gabriel spelt doom for his life. Circumstances around him seemed to corroborate his belief. Mark craves for guidance and direction from a male figure but he doesn't get it. He suffers silently and hides the secret from everyone. His mother, Maria is employed miles away and hardly gets enough time to emotionally support her children. Maria is focused on providing the physical necessities but her children are at emotional breaking point. Suddenly, Mark gets into a frenzy of protecting his sisters from bullying and tries to fulfil the role of a father figure, in the absence of Gabriel. Mark is affected by society's view of orphaned children, name calling, neglect and discrimination. He sets out to disprove societal prejudice. A few years later, he meets John Wood and Rose Henderson, whose mentoring skills and compassion radically changed his thinking. John mentors Mark through difficult moments in his life, helps him to answer many difficult questions and lays the responsibility for his family's success on his shoulders. After a painful childhood, Mark rises to succeed against all odds and even ridiculers are left wondering.

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