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The Survivors Trilogy - Book 1
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Throughout the world "e;Gifted"e; people go about their lives like anyone else in this world preoccupied by their daily lives, unaware of their special ancestral blood line. In an effort to attempt to "e;civilize"e; this world, the Council of Nine, a Federation of nine Empires occupying this quadrant of the galaxy, had sent some of its people to try and create a human being capable of overcoming their barbaric behavior by creating a new genetic pool with basic traits common to all Empire people: superior intelligence, with telepathic and empathic abilities. Their descendants, the Gifted, born of mixed parents ("e;gods"e; and humans) are now emerging on the eve of the annihilation of this planet's civilizations. Fortunately, there are still many good people in this world, gifted or not. A small group of Gifted embark on a difficult, dangerous journey to try and save as many of their own and of the "e;ordinary"e; people as possible. High in orbit around the Earth, the Guardian is watching the unfolding of this sad, sad human story. On the morning of 10 April 2020, ironically Good Friday, a religious holiday celebrating the death of a savior, life on Earth would change forever. A nuclear holocaust provoked by an incompetent and feeble minded US President, triggers unparalleled devastation and violent climate disasters. The earth has been severely injured. It seems like Mother Nature wants to cleanse herself of the human race. This planet is likely doomedGaa is dying. Their quest for survival is explored in this story.

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