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Hungry Souls

What the Bible Says About Eating Disorder
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Catherine Boyle
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Of all the books written about eating disorder, only one looks at what the Bible says about this all-too-common struggle in the lives of young women. Hungry Souls digs deeply into God's Word to uncover the origins of eating disorder in history, sins that contribute to anorexia and bulimia, prophecies relevant to eating disorder, the relationship between eating disorder and sexuality, an anorexic woman in the Bible, why eating disorder is prevalent in America and the West, the correlation between eating disorder and the return of Christ, and what Jesus did to end eating disorder. Through extensive research and personal experience overcoming anorexia and bulimia, Catherine Boyle shows the reader where eating disorder comes from, how it manifests and why it happens, all through the lens of God's Word. Hungry Souls also provides the biblical process to successfully move beyond eating disorder to the life God desires for every one of His beloved daughters. Women struggle with eating disorder more than ten times as often as men, so Hungry Souls is written for a female audience. The principles in Hungry Souls, as derived from God's Word, also apply to men who find themselves struggling with eating disorder. Hungry Souls was written to specifically address anorexia and bulimia, but the principles can be applied to overeating and obesity, as the author contends that these are the same issue, just the opposite sides of the same coin.