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Blood On The Ceiling

The Awesome Calamities of Addiction and the Miracle of Recovery
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Nelson Trout
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BLOOD ON THE CEILING is a shocking peek into the secret world of addiction and recovery. A current and fresh look from a new angle, unique in a number of ways, this brutally honest book will intrigue addicts and non-addicts alike. In the first part of the book I tell the story, 'word for word' of my first twenty one days in a South Florida rehab facility for my addiction to opiates, benzodiazapam and alcohol. Throughout the book I paint a picture of the awesome calamities of addiction and the miracle of recovery through the hearts, souls and stories of some of the incredible people I had the privilege of meeting while in treatment at two separate rehabs during the past year. This book is not for the faint of heart, the squeamish or the fragile of mind. I have pulled no punches here. The language is graphic, the stories are disturbingly true. To be sure, this book will frighten and enlighten and is definitely not without the many success stories that hopefully will inspire the desire for recovery in those addicts, their family and friends who read it. For many, this book will seem too incredible to be true. To the addict who has spent time in rehab, it will be like a gaze into the mirror.

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