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Waterfalls of North Georgia

North Georgia's Wonders of Nature
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Jack Anthony
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"The southern part of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Georgia ranges to a height of 4784 feet on Brasstown Bald with several other peaks approaching that height. The average rainfall recorded for the years 1969-1991 in parts of northeast Georgia along the Blue Ridge Mountain crest and into South Carolina and North Carolina was the highest in the contiguous 48 states with the exception of isolated locations in the Pacific Northwest. The combination of the mountains and high levels of rainfall results in scenic waterfalls throughout north Georgia. Almost any stream flowing from the heights of its origination will have numerous waterfalls before reaching flatter terrain. This photographic book is not intended to chronicle all the waterfalls, which would be difficult if not impossible. However, I have attempted to show the major waterfalls and others that I have found to have a special attraction or are just nice to visit. In some cases I have included several small waterfalls on the same stream. I hope I have not left out your favorite. The National Forest Service and the Georgia State Parks Division have done an outstanding job of providing trails to many of the waterfalls and in many[…]"

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