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2113 AD: The Future is Here!

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Agnes Toews-Andrews
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The past set up of the poles is short circuited with the new electrical energy that is coming in from the Sun . . .to avoid complete destruction of the Earth the poles have to shift. I see past evil . . . there are seven crystal skulls that represent the teachings of the seven sisters that were massacred by the Reptilians . . . the seven are priestesses, wise womyn masters from, Venus, Uranus, Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus, Mars and the Pleiades. I know it is the spring of 2012 . . . and I say, "This is the beginning of the end. We are now in a galactic spin that's heading right for the galactic re-alignment. It is the summer of 2012 and I have just taught an Angel Event Workshop. Now I flash back to see myself observing several crop circles that have manifested in the country near Wiltshire, England . . . I see that the crop circles are giving last minute emergency information and instructions to humanity before the coming Earth changes. I flash back to former times at the killshot . . .I see from the four directions people are led towards the center of Turtle Island . . . North America . . .there are drums, wise womyn that have returned from the ancients are leading the healing with drums . . .destruction at wild speed, the return of Metatron, God's vice-regent, and Sananda. Mobilization of different peoples in order to battle, and there are shadows and darkness. Now as I travel in 2113 AD I see abundance everywhere I look. Our music is based on sacred geometry, the diamond, mandala and the pentagram. The consciousness on planet Earth has shifted and the higher dimensions now reside on Earth.