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Goddess Lives

Poetry, Prose and Prayers in Her Honour
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Agnes Toews-Andrews
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A collection of wisdom, prayers, invocations and historical research based on the authors travels to the sacred sites of ancient matrilinieal cultures and her wide-ranging inner journeys, "The Goddess Lives", celebrates the path of the Divine Feminine. Ms. Toews-Andrews shares her past life expereinces in societies that honoured the Goddess such as in mythic Lemuria, and the real-time connections she has made at far-flung places such as Catal Huyuk (with Ishtar), Malta (with Ashtarte), Istanbul (with Sophia), Glastonbury and Avebury (with Mary Magdalene and the Avalon Sisterhood), Scotland (with Brede) and in Canada (with Gaia). The empowering material in "The Goddess Lives" honours women as life-givers, hearth-keepers, lovers of the sensual, priestesses, warriors, spiritual teachers, artists, community healers and peacekeepers and promotes a return to earth-connected values by adopting a localized community and economy. This book is filled with little Goddess jewels and has been embraced by many women seeking unity consciousness in an uplifting manner.The book has a chapter on never before published spiritual practises and the teachings of the 13 Spirit Grandmothers of Time teachings- ancient high level beings that birthed the Earth and all her inhabitants just before the Permian era that divided the continents.

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