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A 30 Day Foolproof Plan for Increasing Your Performance, Productivity, and Profit
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Robert Bohlen
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Get ready to begin a journey that will change your life... During more than 50 years as a businessman, art collector, mentor and coach, Bob Bohlen has achieved outstanding success so many times it is hard to accept that it's all the work of one human. But according to Bob, there's no secret to his multi-million dollar success. It's based on consistently combining and applying the simple ideas you'll discover in this book. Clarity will take you on a 30-day journey to radically alter the way you see the world you live in and forever change how you relate to others. Work your way through this book one day at a time and you will achieve beyond your dreams in your personal and professional life while cutting 20 years off your learning curve. This program has already produced phenomenal results for people around the world. It's usable in any area of life and, if administered and followed carefully, it's ridiculously foolproof. Dig in, transform the way you live and work, and quickly realize your dreams!"e;If you want to achieve your goals as well as increase your net worth in amuch shorter time-frame then you must read Bob Bohlen's new book, it's amasterpiece of success principles taught by a true master."e;- Daniel Burrus, Author of Flash Foresight and Technotrends"e;If you're looking for a proven process to achieve true success in your personaland professional life then read Clarity by Bob Bohlen. His unique and profoundinsights give you a clear path for excellence. The life-lessons revealed in thisbook are brilliant. Get it for yourself and everyone you care about."e;- Ford Saeks, CEO Prime Concepts Group Inc. "e;Not for the faint hearted, only if you want to go places and have a 100%success rate."e;- Mario Sanfrancesco & Frank Pompeani, Australia"e;Bob certainly has expanded my view of life and the possibilities that areavailable to me. I've made a huge leap in the ways that I work. In two yearsmy income has doubled, my work time has decreased, and my enjoymentof my work has soared!"e;- Bryan Barnes, Toronto, Canada"e;Bob has incredible insightHe is innovative, creative, and has a genuineinterest in helping people better their lives, both financially and personally."e;- Phil & Johnnye Summerson, Kansas City, MO"e;Learning Bob's Life Lessons has been very revealing. It is an epiphany forme to see this business from a different perspective and really think outsidethe box."e;- Melinda Estridge, Washington, DC