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I'm Not Goin' There!

A Gutsy Girlfriend Guide for Boomer Women Who Don't Want to Spend Their Golden Years Cuddling With Their Cats
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Barbara Morris R. Ph.
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As teenagers, boomers declared, "e;We'll never get old."e; Now, as they approach retirement and old age is beckoning them to join "e;Club Decline,"e; boomers have changed their mantra to a defiant "e;We're not goin' there"e; - without knowing what it really takes to avoid "e;goin' there"e;. Barbara Morris, author of "e;I'm Not Goin' There! - A Gutsy Girlfriend Guide for Boomers Who Don't Want to Spend Their Golden Years Cuddling with Their Cats"e; knows what it takes to avoid "e;goin' there."e; A pharmacist, Barbara worked full time until age seventy-six. Interacting daily with boomers and seniors exposed the traps, lures and pitfalls of the aging process and the retirement lifestyle. The author insists women can avoid many of the traps and pitfalls by refusing identity as a "e;senior"e; or becoming part of the traditional retired culture. She also cautions against trendy "e;let's age gracefully"e; thinking and behavior that leads unsuspecting women to premature decline. At 83, Barbara Morris has beaten the babushka off of Mother Time to a degree that amazes even her, and she is eager to share what she knows to help younger women kick to the curb traditional thinking and behaviors that lead straight to Club Decline. "e;I'm Not Goin' There!"e; is packed with gutsy girlfriend advice and information not seen elsewhere because it's the author's personal first hand experience as well as what she unintentionally learned from boomers and retirees. The Table of Contents gives a snapshot of what's inside the book. WHAT YOU WILL FIND HEREYou will find motivation, tools, and a blueprint like no other to manage your aging process. WE ALL LOVE CUDDLY KITTIES, BUT . . . Having a "e;got it goin' on"e; lifestyle beats cuddling with cute creatures. WHAT IS MIDDLE AGE, ANYWAY?It's not what you think. The "e;Harkness Model"e; is a revolutionary way to live your life, and could dramatically change how you age. I'M NOT OLD AND MY AGE IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESSYour age is nobody's business and the more you tell it, the more you focus on it and give it power, the faster you age. CREATE YOUR FUTURE NOWIf you don't create your future now, you will likely get what you don't want. FOOLISH FROGS GET COOKEDIf you stay aware of how you are changing and take control, you won't become a foolish frog swimming around in the aging hot pot - cooked before you know it. LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE - LET GO!You have an almost magical ability to improve your appearance, and it has nothing to do with cosmetics. TYRANNICAL TRADITION AND "e;SENIOR SAYINGS"e;Following outdated traditions can age you. And so can using "e;senior sayings."e; WHO ARE YOUR FRIENDS?Choose them carefully . . . they can help make you better . . . or make you old! IS "e;CLUB DECLINE"e; FOR YOU?This is the most important and controversial section of the book. Retirees won't like it, but it's not for them. It's for boomers who want to avoid "e;goin' there."e; AGING GRACEFULLY IS NOT SEXY - OR EVEN COOLAging Gracefully is a trap. Find out why you shouldn't go there. IGNORE THE GOSSIPS: BE FABULOUSThere are plenty of ways to be fabulous and the best are revealed here. (Don't tell girlfriends about your plans to improve your appearance. Read the book and find out why you shouldn't.) THIS MATTERS MOSTYour health matters most, of course. How well you take care of it determines how well you age. EXERCISE: WORK IT, WORK IT, WORK ITYes, you can be a hottie when your hair is gray, and it's not difficult. The payoff is fab, fab, fabulous. But girlfriends who cuddle with their cats will hate you. AFTER YOUR LOVE IS GONEWhat do you do when you are unexpectedly alone? No, it's not time to get a cat. APPLY WHAT YOU'VE LEARNED RIGHT AWAYIt's all there - summarized for you to put into action. THE PAYOFF Ah, the payoff. It's better than sex! Well . . . maybe. Possibly? You won't know for sure until you "e;get there."e;

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