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Sign of the Kingdom

The Present Reign of Jesus Christ in Light of the Olivet Discourse
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George E. Kouri
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What did Jesus and the prophets believe about the Last days?"e;If a person does not understand or accept the 'last days' according to Jesus and the prophets, he will be tempted to invent his own eschatology."e;In The Sign of the Kingdom, George Kouri brings to life the critically important teaching of Jesus concerning the 'last days', dramatically demonstrating from the words of Jesus Himself the fulfillment of cataclysmic events prophesied by the ancient prophets of the Old Covenant. Jesus declared that The sign of the Son of Man in heaven, the abomination of desolation, and the great tribulation spoken of by the prophets of Israel would be fulfilled in the disciples' lifetime and would shake the foundations of their lives. Just as Jesus prophesied, it happened. And the effects of what happened then, continue to impact our lives today! While these cataclysmic events reveal Christ's Kingship and how His Kingdom works today, the events themselves are behind the Church, not ahead of it!The Sign of the Kingdom unlocks long-forgotten Biblical truths revealing the present reign of King Jesus, the nature of His Kingdom, and His dealings with governments and nations today. If you're wondering if we are living in the last days or whether the world is about to end, then The Sign of the Kingdom is a must read!