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I Gave Up My Life to Find IT

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Jule Gaige
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A Times News Poll taken in 2005 says that only 13 percent of the population has lived the best possible life they could have - and author, Jule Gaige, has something to say to the 87 percent who do not. In her book, I Gave Up My Life to Find IT, Gaige shares her journey to wholeness and her realization of her true potential for abundance, harmony, peace, and joy. Written for anyone that commits to overcoming illness, relationship discord, discontent, addiction or lack/financial unrest, I Gave Up My Life to Find IT expresses a greater life purpose. What makes this book different than others in the genre, Gaige gently guides the reader through the process to repair the breaks caused by mind. It includes a question and answer section. Chapters cover the following areas and more: Introduction invites the reader to take this precious time to remember his/her Truth. Glossary of Terms contributes to realization of what we truly are. Asleep to True Potential deals with how over the course of time, we forgot, or fell asleep to our true potential. In spite of the amnesia, our capacity for love, peace, abundance, and joy continues; it merely lies dormant in the recesses of slumbering mind. Lethargic by all that has accumulated and, often unsuspectingly ingrained in mind over the course of life journey, our resisting expressions shape the results that appear, as chaos and conflict, in our individual world. The results continue to build, with intensity, to unfold the extreme experiences that show up in the world, at large. Because of the resistance that takes occupancy, as part of our minds, we experience life in what appears as self-imposed bondage. Awaken from Slumber discusses that to realize our Truth (inseparable from God), we are required to be free from the breaks caused by mind. As long as even the slightest break exists, we cause separation. By that separation, we take on the role of victim and/or manipulator. Until the repair of all breaks caused by mind, we prevent or delay our awakening. Consequently, we cause the experiences. Detachment from Things does not mean we be naked of things to realize our Truth. It does require that we be free of things, in mind, since we learn to allow the things we accumulate hold us in bondage. The solid foundation lies only in our Truth (that we are inseparable from God); it is the quality of awareness that is everlasting, the realizing of which, is our life's purpose, and that which eternally matters. From our Truth, the things for the mere sake of the things do not matter. As we express from Truth, since there is no separation, things are present. Overcome Resistance talks about both the notions of heaven and hell that respond to state of mind. We form hellish experiences in response to resisting Truth. We use much of our resources to form less. By overcoming the resistance, we rise to the potential to create from the heaven of possibilities. Repair Breaks Caused by Mind discusses our need to walk through the experiences taking personal responsibility. Recall that we are not the victim; rather, by way of what we have accepted in mind, our consciousness is the cause. Then, we identify and embrace the cause recognizing it is our creation. Since we are a creator of unlimitedness, if we created from lesser consciousness, we are now able to shift so that we overcome needs for similar experiences. Then, we unconditional love self and all role players. High Road to Freedom is present by overcoming resistance to Truth. We resist Truth by rising above all separateness (breaks). We finally remember we are free. By that freedom, we reach the high road to greatness of being inseparable from God. You realize joy, wholeness and abundance, which naturally follow uninterrupted expression of Truth. With uninterrupted Truth, you tap into your natural intuition that originates from Self to simply create perfect relationships, perfect abundance, perfect health and perfect success. Expression of Truth Always... is the basis of our relationship with Self. It is clear that all available in God is available in us since God is in us. There are no limitations, which is the basis of relationship with Self and therefore, freedom. Free of breaks (separation), we realize our Truth. We open to continuous and constant expansion. Nothing is left out from our true potential. Resisting one's true potential means losing the prospective of how vast and significant our true power is. By accepting limitations in mind, we learn to forget our infinite capacity. Gaige's book is a push back for each of us to "e;walk our talk"e;.