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Having a Life After Making a Living
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Gloria Dunn-Violin
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Preface - My Non-Grata Retirement and Why I Wrote this Book I Believe How Jack Used This Book Introduction Chapter One - On Top of the Hill: Finding The Fountain of Youth 1-1 What is Age? 1-2 The Truth About Ageism 1-3 The Gifts of Age 1-4 Call it Revivement 1-5 Taking Charge and Enjoying Revivement Chapter Two - Emerging Innovations for the Bonus Years 2-1 Advantages of Today's Research & Innovations 2-2 Exciting Discoveries to Keep Us Smarter and Younger 2-3 Keep Your Memory Sharp 2-4 The Truth About Aging Brains at Work 2-5 Six Steps to Keep Your Brain Alive, Alert and Zippy 2-6 Our Negative Thoughts Impact Our Lives 2-7 You Are What You Think 2-8 Do You Deserve to Be Happy 2-9 You Can Influence Your Genes 2-10 Living Long While Living Well 2-11 How Our Bodies Can Heal and Regrow 2-12 Who's In Charge? Our Genes or Our Food? Chapter Three - Dealing with Change and Loss 3-1 Change: Loss or Gain 3-2 Stages of Grief 3-3 Transforming Loss into Acceptance and Discovery Chapter Four - Planning the Rest of Your Life 4-1 Why You Need a Plan 4-2 Men Have a Harder Time 4-3 How couples make it work 4-4 What if you're single? 4-5 Finding your inner gifts Chapter Five - The Ten Keys to a Contented and Meaningful Revivement 5-1 Purpose A reason to get up in the morning Increasing life span 5-2 Work Work is a playground Expressing your experience and skills Deciding to not work Work options How companies can win too 5-3 Relationships Another playground for personal growth The difficulties and the joys Community How to find social groups Caretaking 5-4 Ongoing Learning Back to School Lectures Traveling Reading 5-5 Health/Wellness Brain Physical/Emotional Weight/Exercise Sleep Stress/Distress Mindfulness 5-6 Lifestyle Elements of living the good life Curiosity Adventure Exploration Where to revive 5-7 Volunteerism Heart Work Give and Get 5-8 Spirit Definition 5-9 Leisure 5-10 Finances Chapter Six - Leaving a Legacy 6-1 Identify your values 6-2 Share your values Your "Revivement Plan" Exercises and Worksheets One - Self-Exploration Two - Your First Six Months Three - Dealing with Change and Loss Four - What I Never Want to Do Again Five - Relationship with Self Six - Your Life Theme Seven - Celebrating Your Life on Your 100th Birthday Eight - Value Clarification Nine - Developing Your Purpose Ten - Developing Your Mission Eleven - Who Are You: A Play Twelve - Activities and Hobbies to Enjoy Thirteen - Couple Exercise Fourteen - Single Exercise Fifteen - Leaving a Legacy Wrap-Up One - My Revivement Summary Wrap-Up Two - My Revivement Plan Conclusion Index
Change the word and change your mind by transforming retirement into revivement! And, have your best life now!