Demystifying Syria
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Demystifying Syria

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Fred H. Lawson
Saqi Books
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Contents: Acknowledgements 7 Introduction by Fred H. Lawson 9 1. Changing Social Structure, Shifting Alliances 13 and Authoritarianism in Syria Salwa Ismail 2. Enduring Legacies: 29 The politics of private sector development in Syria Bassam Haddad 3. Civil Law and the Omnipotence of the Syrian State 56 Zohair Ghazzal, Baudouin Dupret and Souhail Belhadj 4. Sunni Clergy Politics in the Cities of Ba'thi Syria 70 Thomas Pierret 5. The Shi'i Mausoleums of Raqqa: 85 Iranian proselytism and local significations Myriam Ababsa 6. The 2004 Events in al-Qamishli: 105 Has the Kurdish question erupted in Syria? Julie Gauthier 7. The Syrian Opposition: 120 The struggle for unity and relevance, 2003 - 2008 Joe Pace and Joshua Landis 8. Partnership with the European Union: 144 Hopes, risks and challenges for the Syrian economy Anja Zorob 9. Demystifying Syrian Foreign Policy under Bashar al-Asad 159 Bassel F. Salloukh 10. The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship: 180 Syrian - Turkish relations since 1998 Fred H. Lawson Notes on Contributors 207 Bibliography 213 Index 219
Demystifying Syria offers an extraordinary insight into the shifting relations between the Ba'th party and the armed forces, civil law, social structure, burgeoning private enterprise, internal political opposition, the European Union and its relation to Syria. This book goes beyond the headlines to offer a detailed portrait of the political, economic, social and diplomatic dynami that shape this pivotal and fiercely independent Middle Eastern state.